One of the best things about Rovio and the Angry Birds franchise is that even though there are now a handful of Angry Birds games, the developer doesn’t neglect older titles in the series. New levels and features are almost constantly added without the extra charge often associated with add-on content for other games.

Today, Rovio released an update to Angry Birds Space, which some players may have forgotten about in the wake of Angry Birds Star Wars. The new levels are part of the “Pig Dipper” episode (get it?). Water has been added to the planetoids, throwing another complication onto the gravity-well puzzles already seen in the game. From Rovio’s announcement:

Welcome to the Pig Dipper in Angry Birds Space! This bizarre galaxy is filled with water planets, strange aquatic life and worst of all — Bad Piggies in boats! Use the unique physics of these water planets to set up some fun trick shots and send the birds careening through water. And get ready for the ultimate underwater boss level! We’ve also got three brand-new power-ups with their own leaderboards.

Thirty new levels come in the Pig Dipper pack. Some of the new power-ups can be seen in the trailer for the update. They include a Terence (the largest bird) that splits into a flying v of five birds and the ability to make pigs buoyant.


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