Back in May of this year, a Microsoft source leaked the info that the full Office 2013 suite would be coming to Android and iOS platforms in November. Now, it appears that deadline may have been pushed back and the most popular mobile platforms won’t be getting Office apps until next year.

Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Czech Republic subsidiary issued a press release stating that iOS and Android versions would be available next year and Petr Bobek, Microsoft Office product manager, is quoted in a Czech news article as saying the software will launch in March 2013.

The Verge reported that the press release also stated that Office 2013 will be available for Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, Mac OS, and Symbian. It also pegs December 2012 as the Office 2013 launch date for enterprise customers, while everyone else will have to wait until February 2013.

So, it’s unclear whether only some of the details from the Czech release are “not accurate,” or whether the entire thing is some sort of hoax. My guess is that the subsidiary jumped the gun and somehow forgot that on the internet, news spreads even across language barriers.

No rumors yet on wether BlackBerry 10 will get Microsoft Office apps, but RIM is currently trying to gather developer support for its upcoming platform.

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