In August, AMC launched a Walking Dead Facebook game in beta. The beta status still applies, but now, a new chapter and some new features have been added. These include fullscreen mode and improved weapons.

“Chapter 2 lets fans battle walkers and fight for survival in downtown Atlanta alongside Glenn, Daryl and more characters from the show,” explains AMC in a blog post. “Just complete Chapter 1 — where you escape down the highway with Shane, Lori and Carl — to get to Chapter 2.”

Updates to the game, based on feedback, include:

  • Wide screen and full screen modes for a richer game experience.
  • Energy is no longer needed for moving and fighting.
  • Upgraded weapons, with greater abilities, accuracy and range
  • Intel and morale are no longer required to play missions.
  • An enhanced normal mode that makes expert mode obsolete.

In September, AMC paid tribute to the film The Social Network (about the founding of Facebook, of course), with a poster similar to the one for the movie. This marked The Walking Dead surpassing 10 million Facebook fans. The page has added nearly a million more since then.

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