E-Commerce Plan MLM Software


Just like in the other business, e-commerce plays an important role within the MLM business industry. It’s having such an enormous impact on Multi-Level Marketing companies as they need benefited and achieved success by integrating e-commerce into their business. Various trade activities like product purchase, product shipping, product management, etc, are often easily through with e-commerce.

Using e-commerce in MLM software will produce other advantages love it provides tools and features which helps in monitoring and storing transaction details, product purchase history, along side various reports which can assist an MLM business to maneuver forward with no headaches. E-commerce improves MLM businesses to an entire new level because it helps them in getting a wider reach for his or her product or services while attracting new customers.

MLM business with an e-commerce platform makes it an excellent deal for increasing your product sales and profitability. A number of the favored e-commerce platforms aremMagento, Opensource and Woo-commerce. Using e-commerce system in MLM business is that the best winning combination within the MLM industry. there's always an excellent demand for this mix because it can market your products worldwide which makes rapid climb in your MLM business.

What makes EifaSoft MLM unique from others?

The e-commerce feature in our MLM software provides you the choice to integrate an indoor handcart system or the other open-source shopping carts like OpenCart, Magento, Woo-Commerce, etc. It performs all the trade related transactions in shortest possible time and with ease.

EifaSoft MLM’s e-commerce module can efficiently handle all types of transactions which happen in a web business. We provide numerous functions including; user registration, product purchase, product management and merchandise delivery/shipping. Our e-commerce module is completely customizable and our feature comes with a tremendous front-end website interface that's perfectly designed to be user-friendly.

Our online shopping module may be a highly flexible e-commerce system that comes with many other amazing features including; multi-currency, product & manufacturers category, different payment gateways, effective reporting system, all on a super-cool dashboard. EifaSoft MLM offers improved productivity time since payments and delivery of products are done faster. Also, you'll effectively and quickly handle complex situations with multiple clients with relax.

Features of E-commerce MLM Software in EifaSoft MLM

1. Customization of products and services

2. Supports Multiple Currencies

3. Provides Information pages

4. Automatic Image resize

5. Sales Report

6. Cart Layout

7. Allow shipping from different countries

8. Customize as per customer request

9. Discount Coupon

10. Shopping history

11. 15+ Payment Gateways