Monoline Plan MLM Software

The Monoline Plan MLM software considered as a highly effective MLM Plan for MLM business is a beautiful compensation plan since it lacks a compulsory limit that it'll work. Since it operates through the First-come-first-serve method, timing is of important importance during this plan.

Otherwise referred to as the line , Linear or Single Leg MLM Plan, the Monoline MLM Plan permits existing users to earn from every new recruit that comes into the system without really doing any diligence . This has made the decide to become an MLM Plan every business administrator wants to align with.

How does the Monoline MLM Plan work?


The Monoline MLM Plan contains just one leg for each new recruit. As a user is recruited, he/she immediately falls under a sponsor during a single line and therefore the chain continues to grow. At a particular point, the user is in a position to re-enter the chain again and therefore the cycle continues on and on..

The Monoline MLM Plan is closely associated with the forced Matrix Plan. Just that the forced Matrix plan requires a specific slot number to be filled up while within the Monoline, there are earnings once a recruit or new member joins the network. However, the primary member who gets into the network gains more benefit as he gets to re-enter the network again, thereby providing the user with a gentle income.

Monoline MLM Plan Compensation


Referral Bonus

The referral bonus otherwise referred to as the sponsor bonus is earned when a replacement member enters the network. It's a motivation for existing users to recruit continuously.


Rejoin Bonus

The matching bonuses are extra benefits to the sponsors. When a downline member is being compensated, the sponsor gets a particular percentage of that quantity . This percentage is however decided by company rules and policies. If the corporate features a rule of 10% match bonus, when the downline member earns sales, rewards or commissions; the sponsor of the downline member is entitled to 10% of that bonus.


Matching Bonus

The matching bonus is earned by the sponsor whenever a user earns a rejoin or referral bonus. Our Monoline MLM Plan Software provides an internet-based workstation for the monitoring of income and expenditure of consumers by business administrations who are involved within the Multi-Level Marketing. Its features are easy to know and maximised to market product sales and market growth in the least levels.