Board Plan MLM Software

The board plan is otherwise referred to as the Revolving Matrix Plan or Matrix Cycle Plan. This plan affords you the prospect to realize from the trouble of all other board members. This is often because a selected member is entitled to a bonus or commission whenever a Board/Matrix Cycle entry is finalised.

How Does the Board MLM Plan Work?


The way the Board MLM Plan works is straightforward . You, however, need to know it for you to be ready to maximise it efficiently. A blank board is typically given to you once you join this Cycle Plan and is required that you simply fill in your associates.

The Board plan is restricted in both width and depth counting on your choice of a cycle. You would possibly be allowed sponsorship of just two members on the primary level then with only a depth of two levels, you'll have a completed matrix of six members and you'll be compensated.

Board Plan Compensations

A few compensation and bonuses make this plan an exciting offer to explore. These bonuses include


Referral Bonus

This is earned when new members are recruited by sponsors thereby providing the commission to the users for sponsorships and reference.


Matching Bonus

This is earned or received by a sponsor when a downline receives bonuses. It comes during a certain percentage as is stated within the company rule and policies. Our Board MLM Plan software enables you to manage and alter the principles to suit any business administrator.


Level Commissions

The level commission is typically estimated from the diligence put in by downline members. For this reason, the extent commission may be a better option when the users or sponsors have active downline members which can eventually enable them to reap quality amount as bonuses.


Position Bonus

Members are ready to gain bonuses when new members are recruited to the downline. Also, the position bonus also can ask the bonus or commission a sponsor gains as a results of the efforts or achievements of downline members.