Bucket Help Plan MLM Software


The MLM bucket help plan is that the modern simple help plan in MLM business industry. The name came from the reality that the entire process during this plan is depends on buckets not on levels.

The MLM Company who got to beginning their MLM business with bucket help plan, the EifaSoft MLM Software Solutions can introduced number of buckets as per their plan and can also set their helping criteria and with our software support you'll manage your business 24*7*365 and be in consistent communication together with your down line affiliates.

How MLM Bucket help plan Works ?

In EifaSoft MLM bucket help plan when recruits, the new member joins during a bucket during which there are various levels of help and therefore the recruits just helps a previous member and obtain multiple helps from other new members.

When the new recruits complete all levels of 1st bucket and obtain all the helps, he/she needs renewal to permit within the next higher bucket.

Features of MLM bucket Help Plan Software

1. Different Level of admin.

2. Multiple account management.

3. Protecting different level of Help Accounts.

4. Business Management

5. Transfer Help (Auto and Manual both)

6. MLM Help

7. Trouble free MLM Software

EifaSoft MLM - Multi-level Marketing Software Company develops the fully featured software for MLM bucket help plan and our team of expert engineers and consultants are able to assist you with 24*7*365 support.