Unilevel Plan MLM Software

This plan offers a vast width plan, permitting one sponsor to have several distributors on one line. There's usually no spill-over as everyone sponsored by you is on your frontline. It's easier for a sponsor to create a extended network by recruiting unlimited members. All MLM organizations can efficiently use the Unilevel MLM plan.

How Does the Unilevel MLM Plan Work?


This title tends to form users think that the Unilevel MLM plan may be a one-level plan. This is often not entirely true because it involves two to 10 levels thorough . With the Unilevel MLM plan, a user can sponsor to the nth level. The sponsor gets a dividend from the business volume of each member in his down-line.

The Unilevel MLM plan has some advantages that make it an MLM plan every MLM organization wants to subscribe . It's very easy to know and operate since its calculations are less complex. With a vast width plan, the Unilevel MLM plan allows a sponsor to possess several distributors under him while allowing the distributors to further have several other sub-distributors.

Unilevel Compensation Plans


Sponsor Bonus

Just like every other MLM plan, the sponsor bonus is to encourage sponsors or distributors to recruit members to their downline so as to market business. It's earned when a sponsor recruits new members.


First Start Bonus

The fast start bonus is earned when a sponsor or distributor has achieved a selected target within a specific period. The fast start bonus is considered the starter benefit to newly recruited members. The essence of the fast start bonus is to make sure a better sales commission on the primary new sales of latest recruits, and so, it's paid per new recruits. In order to spice up sales, some companies may organise sale campaigns, setting sales target and once these sales targets are reached, the distributors enjoy the achievement bonuses. Company rules and policies may make that fast start bonus to vary between companies.


Level Commissions

This is earned when down level distributors achieve sales. The Unilevel plan has unlimited direct downlines within the primary level with each downline member possibly having unlimited downlines under them. Members can earn unlimited commissions from sales till nth level.